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Sexy, Hairy Piggy Charlie Fiske

Charlie Fiske is quite the hairy little piggy, and even though we were set to film our photo shoot, he couldn’t leave his phone alone for a minute to stop checking out pics on Bear411! These millennial cubs! The more he searches, the hornier he gets and the bulge in his crotch is obviously showing through his jeans. he starts to strip and work his cock, already smoking hot and throbbing. Charlie is our kind of cub — really hairy chest, shoulders and back, and he’s covered in beautiful tattoo work too. His arousal hits a peak and a flood of cum shoots all over his hairy belly. We’re overjoyed we found a millennial who can get the job done!

Flip Flopping Bareback Cubs Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels

Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels were keyed up for an afternoon rendezvous on our latest film shoot in Florida, and they had an extraordinary bareback flip fucking session! First, they start be getting each other warmed up…kissing and groping with lots of nipple sucking. Their shirts were already off but then they took off their pants. Dusty’s got a really thick piece of meat for Dakotah to suck on, and Dakotah pleases his partner with a deep, wet blowjob. After a lot of mutual oral and rimming, Dakotah settles in and penetrates Dusty with his raw dick. Dusty is moaning how good it feels and Dakotah keeps feeding it to him. But Dakotah soon feels the need to get his own itch scratched. He flops down on the bed so Dusty can ram him with that thick cock. Dusty happily gives him every inch! Down to the wire, Dusty flips again and turns around, impaling himself on Dakotah’s raw cock, bucking up and down until Dakotah spews his load all over Dusty’s asscrack. Plus we get a bonus seeding! Dakotah pushes his sticky spunk into Dusty’s hot hole with his cock and gives him a few extra pumps. Look out for part 2, coming soon, where Dusty gets his own rocks off!

Big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor

At HairyandRaw this week, big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor graces us with us his presence and gives a fantastic, furious performance! We’ve not seen stroke shows with this intensity in a while. Lubing up, Tate gets his throbbing dick and firey crotch slick and messy then massages his meat as he tells us some wonderfully filthy things about himself and his sex life. Building up to a frenzy, he blows a sweet, sticky load of cum all over his hairy belly. We don’t mind taking a break from bareback action when we get to see a real hairy man like Tate crank his shaft and rub out a hot cumshot!

Sex Pigs Jesse Hammer and Wolf Getz

We have reached deep in the archive this week to bring you this never seen before release. With Jesse Hammer and Wolf Getz this scene is bound to make you want more with it’s intensiveness, nastiness and raunchyness! As the two bareback fuckers grab and paw at each other you can almost smell the macho musk. They exchange rimjobs that neither of them can get enough of, they don’t want them to end. But that is just the beginning of the scene, the best is yet to come in the form of a bareback flip flop fuck ending up with them being covered in each others hot sticky cum!

A Hairy & Raw Cumpilation Explosion

Alright, now. Listen up all you bareback sex fiends and cum whores! We all know the reason why you enjoy raw fucking so much. The cum. The connection is another man’s seed pours, splatters, spurts all over you. In you. It’s always about the DNA and getting your man’s nutt, whether he’s a short- or long-term fuck buddy or a complete stranger. With all you cum freaks in mind, Hairy&Raw brings you a scene that’s jizz-packed. Featuring your favorite filthy scenes from the past 12 months, we’ve stripped away everything but the one thing that counts the most; the money shot. So, without further a do, here are the best cum shots of 2013: raw breeding, seeding and sloppy seconds for your crazy lustful pleasure. No frilly setup, just real men, hot fucking, and NO condoms. Pure, animalistic bareback sex culminating in a cascade of spunk-filled eruptions with sexy studs like Brock Hart, Bo Bangor, super-bottom Pablo Paris, and new faces like Bone Flexx, Sailor and Daemon Sadi. How far can you get before you lose YOUR nut?