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Marco Bolt and Enrique Portillo

If you’ve ever seen a man that made you drool or got you wet at the very thought of dropping to your knees to worship his cock, then you’ll know exactly how Enrique Portillo felt when we paired him up with Marco Bolt. The bald, bearded chub was eager to chow down on Marco’s big cock and the hairy daddy was all too eager to feed it to him. Marco is at his hottest, completely naked and nicely toned. And with all that fucking fur he’ll have you hard in no time! Watching him kick back while Enrique worships that beautiful piece of meat is pretty smoking hot, too. But did Enrique the eager cock slut get more than he bargained for when he said he wanted to get bareback fucked by Marco? Judging from the sounds he makes and the look on his face as he’s taken like a bitch, we think he thoroughly enjoyed his raw fuck. What a pig. Oink!

Russ Rodgers and Phill Daniels

Gruff and scruffy Russ Rodgers is horny. The bearded salt and pepper daddy strokes a fat dick while playing with his nipples. Enjoying some along time, jockstrap clad Russ starts working his balls while stroking when his “boy” Phil Daniels walks in, sexy in his blue jockstrap. He immediately goes down on Russ, the way a good cocksucker should, tasting that sweet nectar that is Daddy’s pre-cum. The cock and ball worship continues, with Russ guiding Phil and filling the quiet room with some dirty talk. Wanting more, however, Russ soon gets Phil on all fours and rims his meaty ass. With a lot of spit and a bit of lube, Daddy slides that fat raw dick home and pounds Phil’s ass until he blows his load all over his cub’s balls and ass, seeding Phil’s freshly fucked hole and leaving him with a cummy ass.

Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 2

As Christophe Arsenault was getting bareback fucked up the ass by Steve Sommers in the dungeon, Bear Steven walked in at the tail end of part one. Now, in part two, we get to watch the hung leather daddy fuck the inked, bearded power bottom. The two man whores take turns spit roasting and tag team fucking the cock hungry hipster pig and even get to play piggy in the middle when Steve fucks Christophe and is fucked by Bear! But in the end, this is about getting off, as it always is…ALL over an eager cum slut!

Dirty Dungeon Deeds Part I

Decked out in a leather harness and yellow jockstrap, rough indie cub Bearsilien is super horny in his dungeon. Then again, when isn’t he? Horny, that is. Now, normally, the sexy, hairy beast has no trouble flying solo but this time he’s so horny he just can’t go it alone. So he beckons for his two pup cubs. Enter Frank Cubby and Claudio White. The scruffy young men have been trained well as they worship Bearsilien like eager pups. Claudio chews the leather Daddy’s pierced nipple while Frank services his pierced cock. All of a sudden, the trained pups turn the tables on their Master! Frank and Claudio tie up Bearsilien and use him as a human dildo, for their own dirty dungeon deeds. Claudio helps himself to a Bearsilien’s cock, impaling himself then sucking him off as he shows off all the lovely nasty things he’s learned from Bearsilien. Be sure to cum back for part 2!

Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston

Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston haven't been dating very long. In fact, really only a couple of weeks. They liked each other from the start and there was some intense sensuality smoldering between them. Unfortunately, with their busy schedules and odd work hours, it was a while before they could hook up and seal the deal, as it were. Teddy is a meaty boy with fur all over his chest and belly. The indie cub loves piercings and has a thing for jockstraps and wore one for their encounter. After working Ray's cock and sucking on his balls, Teddy sits back to enjoy Ray's oral skills. Soon, however, Teddy is sitting on Ray's face while the otter rims that cubalicious fuckhole! Shortly after, Ray is barebacking Teddy's fat hairy ass, banging away while big balls just sway back and forth like a pendulum. The cockring wearing Ray pounds and pounds and pounds away but Teddy’s pierced cock never once softens. Indie cub and otter work up quite a sweat before each blows his load all over Teddy's furry body. We think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, at the very least!