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Bear Waters and Teddy Osborne

When Bear Waters checks warehouse inventory against his list of shipments, he discovers a load has not yet been delivered. Who made the mistake? Poor cute newbie, Teddy Osborne. The beefy blond cub accepts full responsibility and is ready for any punishment his foreman/boss has to offer. And with such a willing submissive, who can blame Bear for doing the nasty things he does to Teddy? In fact, the pig bottom cub is SO ready to accept Bear’s punishment he practically hog ties himself! Bear, large and in charge, grabs hold of Teddy’s cock and chows down before filling his hole with spit, then cock. Big balls, big men, and big loads. Looks like Teddy’s position is secure…for now!

Bone Flexx and Aiden Storm

Bone Flexx is on the hunt for cock and he’s not stopping until he feels that meat fucking his furry hole…after cruising the pool and striking out, he remembers his buddy Aiden had slept in and was probably getting ready to join him. So Bone decides to give Aiden a hand getting ready, and he spies the burly bear drying off after a shower. The pair start pawing each other and making out, beards rubbing each other, and they reach for one another’s cocks. Bone sucks Aiden’s dick and fingers his hole, trying to swallow as much of his pole as possible. Aiden turns Bone around and bends him over the sink and rams his bare cock deep inside of Bone, and fucks him as deep as he can. Bone loves every second of this bareback penetration and Aiden erupts inside of him, shooting his cum deep inside of Bone’s furry ass until it’s dripping on the floor below them.

Aiden Storm and Dean Ryder

Aiden Storm and Dean Ryder are a pair of horny guys who have been eyeing each other the last few trips to the bathhouse, and the bear and the cub finally dropped their pretenses and got fucking nasty! Big Bear Aiden initiates, and invites Dean to help himself to his fat cock. Dean, a smaller guy with a very hairy belly and a thick cock was very eager to get a mouthful of Aiden’s engorged cock. Aiden loves getting his cock sucked, but he wants to split Dean in half with his fat prick. He tastes Dean’s cock and eats his ass, getting his hole juicy and ready for penetration. The hairy duo are raw and nasty, fucking bareback and without restraint. Dean strokes his cock as Aiden pounds him from behind, and they soon unleash twin loads of cum. Time to hit the showers!

Sexy, Hairy Piggy Charlie Fiske

Charlie Fiske is quite the hairy little piggy, and even though we were set to film our photo shoot, he couldn’t leave his phone alone for a minute to stop checking out pics on Bear411! These millennial cubs! The more he searches, the hornier he gets and the bulge in his crotch is obviously showing through his jeans. he starts to strip and work his cock, already smoking hot and throbbing. Charlie is our kind of cub — really hairy chest, shoulders and back, and he’s covered in beautiful tattoo work too. His arousal hits a peak and a flood of cum shoots all over his hairy belly. We’re overjoyed we found a millennial who can get the job done!

Flip Flopping Bareback Cubs Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels

Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels were keyed up for an afternoon rendezvous on our latest film shoot in Florida, and they had an extraordinary bareback flip fucking session! First, they start be getting each other warmed up…kissing and groping with lots of nipple sucking. Their shirts were already off but then they took off their pants. Dusty’s got a really thick piece of meat for Dakotah to suck on, and Dakotah pleases his partner with a deep, wet blowjob. After a lot of mutual oral and rimming, Dakotah settles in and penetrates Dusty with his raw dick. Dusty is moaning how good it feels and Dakotah keeps feeding it to him. But Dakotah soon feels the need to get his own itch scratched. He flops down on the bed so Dusty can ram him with that thick cock. Dusty happily gives him every inch! Down to the wire, Dusty flips again and turns around, impaling himself on Dakotah’s raw cock, bucking up and down until Dakotah spews his load all over Dusty’s asscrack. Plus we get a bonus seeding! Dakotah pushes his sticky spunk into Dusty’s hot hole with his cock and gives him a few extra pumps. Look out for part 2, coming soon, where Dusty gets his own rocks off!