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Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers, and Skott Locke – Part 1

In a Provincetown motel room, Steve Sommers was riding Rock Hunter’s cock when Tate Taylor and Skott Locke suddenly barged into the room. Sometimes, these things just happen and both, Steve and Rock take it all in stride. Next thing you know all four men are in bed together, with Rock and Tate sucking cock and lapping up sweat while Steve and Skott kiss passionately. What follows is a piggy free for all with beefy, inked and pierced men and enough greedy cock sucking, rimming and butt fucking to get you all hot and bothered! This hairy foursome will take you to the edge, especially as Steve is skewered and spit roasted. But wait until you see part 2 of this steamy bareback quad!

Sebastian Sax and Skott Locke

In a musty old cistern, once used for water storage, Skott Locke is working his cock all alone…or so he thinks! Sebastian Sax soon climbs down to join the bearded bear and what follows is a heavy duty cock sucking session with lots of slurping, noise and wetness. Just the way oral sex should be! After taking turns servicing each other, Skott services Sebastian's hungry fuckhole, rimming the bottom blond pig cub. Sebastian soon learns the importance of laying pipe as tattooed and pierced Skott drills his hole hard, deep, and without mercy. They work up quite a sweat as they get close to dropping their loads, with Skott unleashing a torrent of cum, seeding Sebastian who then gives Skott a cum facial. And doesn't that jizz look good all over Skott's beard! Now what these two need is a cool shower and some fresh clothes.

Rock Hunter and Steve Sommers

In part one of three, Rock Hunter and Steve Sommers are super hot and horny in their room at a Provincetown motel. Then again, it seems these two are always horny. Hungry for cock, Steve goes down on Rock, who fucks Steve's throat aggressively. Rock quickly pushes aside all formalities and gets right down to the business of rimming Steve's hairy hole before sliding his cock home and starts fucking. And we're talking fast and furious, down and dirty bareback hole pounding with Steve plowed mercilessly. Hell, these two are so horny they didn't even bother taking off their jockstraps! As Steve rides Rock's cock, the action intensifies when Tate Taylor and Scott Locke, after fucking behind the RV, walk into the room making out and ready for round 2. So, stay tuned!

Bearsilien and Buster Nastee

Bearsilien can be a big bottom but when he wants to, this Bear Rider can be the butchest, nastiest top fucker! Giving orders to Bear Rider wannabe, Buster Nastee, Bearsilien actually makes Buster nervous, to the point of making him drop his gloves! But Buster's nerves are soon quelled with the first glob of Bearsilien spit. And it's all downhill from there! Loud and commanding, Bearsilien dominates Buster, spanking and spitting and turning the bearded pig into his personal fuck slave, all the while talking dirty and talking trash. Bearsilien pushes Buster over the edge with just a tiny bit of rimming before thrusting his pierced cock inside his bitchboy for a raw fuck. Pounding so hard you think Buster's going to fall, Bearsilien tears into Buster, owning his fuckhole, slapping, spanking, and pounding until he lets loose with an explosive orgasm!

Martin Pe and Vince Stewart

Vince Stewart took one look at Martin Pe’s dick and knew he had to have it. When he contacted us and asked to be paired with Martin, we discovered the top dad was quite amenable. And when the two actually met, it was like fireworks! Their chemistry is palpable as the two hairy and raw pigs start making out. For them, it’s all about the man smells: pits, balls, ass. Their musk only turns the other on even more as they chow down on some seriously fat cock. But it’s Vince who turns out to be the true meat eater. He chows down on Martin’s fat uncut cock like it’s going out of style. With some heavy duty licking, chewing and biting, Martin and Vince get down to fuck after plenty of foreplay and face fucking; which Vince handles like a pro! Eventually, Martin gets to his ass and wastes little time in rimming. This is a quick lick-and-spit lube job before Martin slams that thick slab balls deep inside Vince’s hungry hairy hole. The dirty pig takes it like the champ that he is, bent over a bunch of tires, then on his back. Every last throbbing inch of Martin’s cock is his, at least until the bearded bareback dad pulls out and sprays his jizz all over Vince’s freshly fucked hole. Breeding and seeding are the name of the game and it’s name is Martin Pe and Vince Stewart!