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Bone Flexx, Blake Bradley and Troy Webb

Bone Flexx continues his quest for sexual satisfaction in a 3-way with Blake Bradley and Troy Webb. It's a cock sucking free for all with a surprising shift when Bone, who usually prefers to be the bottom, spit-roasts and tag team fucks Blake. In an even more surprising twist, big butch bad-ass Troy throw his legs up in the air for some deep Bone fucking!

Daddy Lucas

We told Daddy Lucas that we wanted to see him looking his best for this shoot, but when he showed up in that sharp suit, our knees buckled! How do you take a hot older man, arguably one of the hottest we've seen on Hairy&Raw in the last year, and make him better? Put him in a jacket and tie, and every fantasy you've had about older, take charge bear daddies will come true. But Lucas didn't come empty handed. He's got his new toys to try out for the camera, including a pair of nipple clamps and a penis pump! Lucas' big, thick cock slides into the tube and he pumps it up, cranking the pressure, and he uses it to stroke himself. In between pumps, he's tugging on his nipples and grunting with pleasure. This solo scene is a Daddy Bear classic, don't you dare miss it!

Rusty McMann and Ty Tull

Rusty McMann and Ty Tull are a couple of heavyweight daddies who couldn’t keep their hands off each other we we invited them to shoot for Hairy and Raw. Both have pierced cocks, and they’re eager to get naked and get off. Ty sucks Randy’s stiff boner and Randy’s arousal levels are going through the roof. He flips Ty around and buries his face in Ty’s voluminous ass cheeks. Randy has great fun rimming Ty’s big fat hole and both men are eager to feel bareback penetration and friction. Randy grunts and pushes and soon explodes a gusher of cum deep into Ty’s ass crack. Amazing heavyweight bareback action with two real guys!

Kurt Rainz, Tony Rivera and Rafael Lambert, Digitally Remastered!

We’ve remastered one of our original favourite threesomes for HD viewing! Kurt likes to service and quickly takes to Tony’s uncut meat….Add in sexy Rafael and you have 3 sexy fuckers. These 3 studs take turns working each other over, sucking, rimming until Rafael gets the pleasure of raw fucking both of them. Even Tony has to shove his raw, uncut cock into Kurt for some of that sweet ass…

Flip Flopping Bareback Cubs Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels, Part 2!

Dakotah and Dusty churn and thrust, driving to the stunning scene climax in part 2 of their deliciously dirty fuckfest! After getting pounded hard and deep by Dakotah, Dusty is itching to do some penetrating of his own. Dakotah is happy to spread his legs and take Dusty’s thick, long meat in his hairy hole, and Dusty eagerly plows away at his bearded playmate. There’s not much finesse in this scene, just an incredibly horny guy slamming his hookup’s ass until he can bust his nut. Dakotah moans like an animal while he’s getting impaled by Dusty’s spear, and Dusty finally rubs out a thick load of juicy cum all over his thick rod. Don’t miss these two sex pigs in this filthy, unadulterated bareback romp!