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Daddy/Son Roleplaying, Bareback Flip Fuckers Christian Matthews and Rusty G

This week on Hairy&Raw we bring you lucky Christian Matthews, who got paired up with big, bad Rusty G. The daddy/son roleplaying, bareback flip fucking duo seize the moment, with Christian getting his raw dick deep into Rusty’s hairy hole. The two start with some sexy, rough kissing and groping on the couch before Rusty pulls down Christian’s prosh underwear to suck his dick. But Christian begs for big daddy to lick his hole. Rusty happily obliges, eating Christian’s ass like a juicy peach, fingering his hole as he goes. Next, it’s Christian’s turn to orally pleasure Rusty, and he’s like a fiend on Rusty’s thick meat! Sucking Rusty deep, Christian gets him hard and plays with his hairy hole. Before he knows it, his cock is spit-lubed and he rams his hard prick into Rusty’s slick, primed hole. Rusty loves the feeling of hard dick fucking his ass raw and he grabs at Christian’s bucking hips, trying to pull him in harder and deeper on every stroke. These guys totally forget about the camera and just fuck like animals, giving you nothing but an unforgettable scene!

Flip Flopping Bareback Cubs Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels

Dakotah Porter and Dusty Daniels were keyed up for an afternoon rendezvous on our latest film shoot in Florida, and they had an extraordinary bareback flip fucking session! First, they start be getting each other warmed up…kissing and groping with lots of nipple sucking. Their shirts were already off but then they took off their pants. Dusty’s got a really thick piece of meat for Dakotah to suck on, and Dakotah pleases his partner with a deep, wet blowjob. After a lot of mutual oral and rimming, Dakotah settles in and penetrates Dusty with his raw dick. Dusty is moaning how good it feels and Dakotah keeps feeding it to him. But Dakotah soon feels the need to get his own itch scratched. He flops down on the bed so Dusty can ram him with that thick cock. Dusty happily gives him every inch! Down to the wire, Dusty flips again and turns around, impaling himself on Dakotah’s raw cock, bucking up and down until Dakotah spews his load all over Dusty’s asscrack. Plus we get a bonus seeding! Dakotah pushes his sticky spunk into Dusty’s hot hole with his cock and gives him a few extra pumps. Look out for part 2, coming soon, where Dusty gets his own rocks off!

Big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor

At HairyandRaw this week, big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor graces us with us his presence and gives a fantastic, furious performance! We’ve not seen stroke shows with this intensity in a while. Lubing up, Tate gets his throbbing dick and firey crotch slick and messy then massages his meat as he tells us some wonderfully filthy things about himself and his sex life. Building up to a frenzy, he blows a sweet, sticky load of cum all over his hairy belly. We don’t mind taking a break from bareback action when we get to see a real hairy man like Tate crank his shaft and rub out a hot cumshot!

Beefy Daddy Nate Pierce and Ginger Giant Rusty G

This week, Hairy&Raw features Beefy Daddy Nate Pierce and Ginger Giant Rusty G. Nate gets a call from Rusty after meeting at the hotel gym and exchanging numbers. Rusty loves beefy daddies and Nate has everything the Ginger Giant is looking for…and much, much more! A one-of-a-kind specimen, Nate has a muscular body, with lots of fur.  And then there’s that sexy white patch in the center of his chest. Tattoos are inked all over his flesh and to top it all off, Nate has a ton of hot piercings. He’s got a huge Prince Albert, and rings at the base of his scrotum plus 3 guiche piercings. His voice is deep and sexy and he’s a handsome fucker to boot! After getting comfy on the sofa, cocks quickly come out and Rusty and Nate trade blowjobs, along with some slick rimming. But Nate wants cock and he wants it deep. So he spreads his legs for Rusty to fuck him exactly how he likes it: raw, hard and deep. Big Red can’t wait to fuck this dirty daddy bareback and both are in heaven once his cock slides home. You get a great view of Nate’s tense abs while getting fucked on his back, and he gives Rusty a helping hand to get him to spew his load of hot jizz. Don’t miss Nate Pierce and Rusy G, EXCLUSIVELY on HairyandRaw.com!

Big Bear Bareback Group Fuck

While filming in Texas this spring, we had a ton of guys who wanted to come out and show off their bareback fucking skills. In fact, we got so overbooked, we ended up with four guys showing up at the same time! We couldn’t let that talent go to waste, so we got strapped in and let Nate Wolf, Maximus O’Connell, Taylor Michaels and SuperCub take us on a wild ride. The hotel room became an orgy scene like something out of a bathhouse or sex club. Max got lucky and ended up as everyone’s bottom bitch and took a few sticky loads. We had SO much fun at this shoot and we’ve no doubt you will, too. And who knows? This big bear bareback group fuck — EXCLUSIVELY on HairyAndRaw.com, just might even get YOU in the mood to plan gangbang for this weekend!