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Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston

Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston haven't been dating very long. In fact, really only a couple of weeks. They liked each other from the start and there was some intense sensuality smoldering between them. Unfortunately, with their busy schedules and odd work hours, it was a while before they could hook up and seal the deal, as it were. Teddy is a meaty boy with fur all over his chest and belly. The indie cub loves piercings and has a thing for jockstraps and wore one for their encounter. After working Ray's cock and sucking on his balls, Teddy sits back to enjoy Ray's oral skills. Soon, however, Teddy is sitting on Ray's face while the otter rims that cubalicious fuckhole! Shortly after, Ray is barebacking Teddy's fat hairy ass, banging away while big balls just sway back and forth like a pendulum. The cockring wearing Ray pounds and pounds and pounds away but Teddy’s pierced cock never once softens. Indie cub and otter work up quite a sweat before each blows his load all over Teddy's furry body. We think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, at the very least!

Bearsilien and Buster Nastee

Bearsilien can be a big bottom but when he wants to, this Bear Rider can be the butchest, nastiest top fucker! Giving orders to Bear Rider wannabe, Buster Nastee, Bearsilien actually makes Buster nervous, to the point of making him drop his gloves! But Buster's nerves are soon quelled with the first glob of Bearsilien spit. And it's all downhill from there! Loud and commanding, Bearsilien dominates Buster, spanking and spitting and turning the bearded pig into his personal fuck slave, all the while talking dirty and talking trash. Bearsilien pushes Buster over the edge with just a tiny bit of rimming before thrusting his pierced cock inside his bitchboy for a raw fuck. Pounding so hard you think Buster's going to fall, Bearsilien tears into Buster, owning his fuckhole, slapping, spanking, and pounding until he lets loose with an explosive orgasm!

Amir Badri, Tristan Riant, Buster Nastee and Matthieu Angel

Though anyone can seek to join the most sought after traveling sex club in the greater metropolitan area, not everyone can actually be a Bear Rider. There are steps you must follow, rules you must obey, and one man you must please…Tristan Riant. The mild-mannered club leader with a cock almost as thick as a beer bottle, has taken Amir Badri Buster Nastee and Matthieu Angel to the Bear Riders Club. There, Tristan puts the three wannabe's through their paces, giving command after command, orders which the sex-crazed men follow in hopes of making it to the next round of perversion!

Martin Pe and Phil Mehup

Phil Mehup is down on his luck and in desperate need of a job. When he interviews for a position with Martin Pe, Phil is quick to point out some of his best assets — he's dedicated, hard-working, faithful and loyal — but Martin is just as quick to point out that what he needs is an employee, not a dog. Which gives the sexy pup some ideas of his own. Turning the tables on the man doing the interview, Phil gradually breaks the hard-ass down until both get what they want. Martin gets to bone an eager, submissive, and willing bareback bottom whore and Phil gets filled up with raw cock AND a job!

Phil Mehup, Bear Steven, Bearsilien, and Steve Brody

After getting spit-roasted and tag team fucked by Bear Steven and Bearsilien, Phil Mehup is in for a treat when foreman Steven Brody walks in. Despite the fact that he's a bit pissed, at first, it still means one more cock for Phil and yet one more load. The piggy bareback bottom gets his fill when he joins in and the trio becomes a foursome. Soon, the tables are flipped and it's Steve in the sling with a bigboy toy up his ass that leaves them all one happy, sloppy mess!