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Dungeon Pigs Rutting

Jay Ricci, Luis Casola, Billy Davis, and Lanz Adams are all at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale. Horned up and ready to get his fetish on, Jay gets Billy and Lanz to stop by the dungeon as he wants to surprise Luis, who loves to watch other men having raw sex. Tied to the St. Andrew’s cross, Luis is all but mauled by Jay, who sucks Luis’ big curved cock. Daddy Jay edges Luis, playing with his body, smacking his pecs and pumping the throbbing shaft when he springs his surprise. Enter Billy and Lanz who start to get it on while the other two watch. Bald and bearded Billy stuffs Lanz’ face full of cock. The harnessed, inked, and bearded hunk sucks away, deep throating Billy while Jay milks Luis and finger fucks his hungry hole. The cock sucking increases at a fevered pitch as Lanz fucks Billy’s face then bends him over a fuck bench and rims his ass. But instead of fucking what he owns, Lanz offers up that sweet piece of ass for Jay to fuck with that amazingly thick Italian sausage that is his cock. Bareback fucking and hole stuffing at it’s finest and the look on Billy’s face is priceless as he’s spit-roasted and tag team fucked by Jay and Lanz. Once Jay’s had his fill, he steps back to Luis and both are hard as rocks, getting into that sexual mind space you can only get into when witnessing dirty, rough bareback fucking, until Lanz blows a thick wad all over Billy’s ass and seeds his hungry hole.

Doug E Behr and Pup Lakota – A Dog and His Bone

After finding the whimpering Pup Lakota outside and bringing him indoors to our dungeon for some puppy play, Doug E Behr is ready to give the bearded, tattooed otter his just desserts…a good boner! Doug mounts his pup, slides home balls deep, and drives the pup insane bareback fucking the dirty dawg. Pup never loses his stride, remaining in character as a pup which, for those of you with that fetish, is a major cock-rousing experience! Master Doug gets truly sweaty, pounding away, stretching Pup’s hole until he delivers an extra special sticky treat!

Pocket Cub, Tiger, and ZJ Woods

Clad in a jock strap and wearing a leather harness, goateed Tiger is getting himself worked up while waiting for two cubs at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale. As soon as the two appear, they get busy chewing Tiger’s pierced nipples, working themselves into a frenzy as they’re fueled by sniffing Tiger’s armpits. The younger, tattooed cubs devour Tiger’s fat pierced cock, taking turns servicing the slab of beef and cum-filled balls. Pocket Cub is soon on all fours, on a fuck bench, spit-roasted between Tiger’s cock and ZJ’s wet tongue. The young top fingers his new fuck buddy, priming Pocket Cub’s hole for a good raw fuck while Tiger fucks his face. Tiger and ZJ swap and Pocket feels the fat pierced head of Tiger’s cock penetrate his asshole. Moaning like a pained whore, Pocket takes a pounding, bareback fucked by Tiger, who’s definitely come into his own and found his inner daddy! Tiger trades places with ZJ, who slides home, balls deep into his bottom slut while Tiger treats Pocket to the taste of his own ass juices with some ass-to-mouth. Stay tuned for part 2!

Doug E Behr and Pup Lakota – Puppy Training

When we first heard the whimpering we thought, WTF? Is there a dog outside? Then we saw it was tall and slender otter Pup Lakota. He was dressed in full pup regalia, already in character, and awaiting a Master on hands and knees. Oh, the things you’ll find at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale! Doug E Behr, already decked out in leather, took advantage of the situation and collared the pup. He brought him into the dungeon for some play in our room. Wearing a sexy jockstrap that framed his ass properly, Pup wore his mask, collar, paw mitts and tail as if he had been born to be a four-legged creature! What follows is some hot fetish puppy training, with Doug taking full command of his pup and Pup whimpering and panting like the submissive bottom that he is!

Eric Wolfe, Victor Cody, and Mike Schiltz

Eric Wolfe is super horned up when he sees Mike Schiltz and that fat cock of his. Adjusting the sling, he knowing he's going to take the bearded otter up his ass. Mike rims the hungry ginger's greedy ass, priming him for a good fuck. Filmed on location at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, the only lube Mike uses is his own spit. Slowly but surely, he works that curved thick cock inside his bottom ginger and pounds away, fucking Eric into bareback oblivion. When he flips Eric over Mike starts fucking the ginger bear again, but there's a twist. Victor Cody, a local porn director has been peeking through the window watching the two of them fuck. He walks in on the action and cuts in, tag teaming the bottom cock slut. When Mike breeds Eric, Victor follows, unloading all over the ginger’s ass before seeding his already sloppy hole.