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Bone Flexx, Sailor Blue and Aiden Storm

Man whore Bone Flexx just can’t get enough dick. While vacationing at a B&B, he goes swimming and meets Sailor, sunning himself by the pool. Naturally the man is horny and, after watching him stroking his cock for a while, Bone makes a beeline…straight for Sailor’s cock! But Aiden Storm isn’t far behind and adds some spice into the mix. Bone gets boned, fore and aft, by Sailor and Aiden as they tag team fuck and spit roast his hungry manholes!

Bone Flexx, Blake Bradley and Troy Webb

Bone Flexx continues his quest for sexual satisfaction in a 3-way with Blake Bradley and Troy Webb. It's a cock sucking free for all with a surprising shift when Bone, who usually prefers to be the bottom, spit-roasts and tag team fucks Blake. In an even more surprising twist, big butch bad-ass Troy throw his legs up in the air for some deep Bone fucking!

Big Bear Bareback Group Fuck

While filming in Texas this spring, we had a ton of guys who wanted to come out and show off their bareback fucking skills. In fact, we got so overbooked, we ended up with four guys showing up at the same time! We couldn’t let that talent go to waste, so we got strapped in and let Nate Wolf, Maximus O’Connell, Taylor Michaels and SuperCub take us on a wild ride. The hotel room became an orgy scene like something out of a bathhouse or sex club. Max got lucky and ended up as everyone’s bottom bitch and took a few sticky loads. We had SO much fun at this shoot and we’ve no doubt you will, too. And who knows? This big bear bareback group fuck — EXCLUSIVELY on HairyAndRaw.com, just might even get YOU in the mood to plan gangbang for this weekend!

Maximus O’Conell Taken Raw By Terry Cub

Maximus O’Conell was eager for cock and we couldn’t think of a better guy to pair him with than Terry Cub. The bald, bearded redhead has an impressively thick cock, and loves fucking ass; hard, deep, and raw! And from the moment Terry walks into the room, Maximus is smitten. Eagerly, the two undress, kissing and groping each other for the camera. Each gets a good mouthful of cock, and then some. However, once Terry’s ready for an up close-inspection of Max’s tight ass, he buries his tongue — and practically his whole beard — up Max’s slick hole. Each one is happy to continue and perform an extended rim job before, hard cock in hand, Terry bends Max over. The top drives his bare cock deep into Max’s raw hole and the fuckers work themselves up into a bareback frenzy. Terry slams Max, stuffing his hole, big balls swinging and slapping against him. Watching these two hairy fuckers sexing each other bareback got us close to busting a nut without touching ourselves. You’ll be ready to do the same, long before Max and Terry spew all over each other! But hold on. Edge a little. It’s always hot to blow your load at the same time as the models. Don’t you think?

No Foreplay, Just Fuck and Shoot

Scott Spears and Sid Morgan face off for a few minutes in a hotel room. Deciding they were each DTF (down-to-fuck, for those who aren’t familiar with acronyms), they wasted very little time. No foreplay, just fuck and shoot. Sid pulls Scott’s beer-can thick cock out of his underwear and sucks him hard, taking Scott deep down his throat. Scott loves the oral — anyone would! — but he wants Sid’s big, soft ass. He teases Sid’s hairy hole with his tongue to get him ready, then Sid sits down on Scott’s thick monster. He seems paralyzed at first, as if calculating the mass and volume of the tube snake rammed up his hole. But it’s also so damn pleasurable, it’s hit a nerve. Sid shoots his wad almost immediately. Scott is left to fend for himself, with Sid used as a human fleshjack while the thick-hung top rams the bottom’s willing hole like a battering ram. These guys give a no-frills performance of a fuck but its IMMENSELY satisfying!