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Burly Black Daddies Are Tons Of Bareback Fun

Berns Forrester is in bed, jacking off and fantasizing about Big Daddy Pimp Hurley when the chunky chocolate Daddy sneaks into the room and joins in. Soon, this bareback bottom is sucking Hurley down his throat, satisfying the big black Top while his sweet brown hole is itching for that thick, raw cock. Hurley dives for the tight fuckhole, spreading that chocolate bubble butt and giving Berns a wet, hot tongue fuck. This big bad boy takes complete possession of that raw, pink asshole and slides his swollen black dick deep inside, settling in for a marathon bareback fuck. The two knock boots for a while — doggie style, reverse cowboy, and even missionary — with Berns’ moans growing louder and more passionate. Hurley works up quite a sweat, which only makes it easier to fuck Berns like a gaping, sloppy hole. WOOF!

Hurley Tucker catches Berns Forrester jerking off then feeds him his cock and fucks his ass raw