Latest Video Update -  12/11/2014

Bone Flexx continues his quest for sexual satisfaction in a 3-way with Blake Bradley and Troy Webb. It's a cock sucking free for all with a surprising shift when Bone, who usually prefers to be the bottom, spit-roasts and tag team fucks Blake. In an even more surprising twist, big butch bad-ass Troy throw his legs up in the air for some deep Bone fucking!  more...

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Last Week's Update -  12/04/2014

We catch up with Bone Flexx at the gloryhole of his local bathhouse. Eager to serve, Bone kneels. Almost immediately, a fat cock appears for him to service. The dick hungry pig chows down, feeding on the thick piece of anonymous meat. At least, it's anonymous to him. We know who it is but we didn't telling Bone. Not that it would have mattered. Because when you're propelled by the lust to feed...  more...


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