Arturo Santos and Brian Bonds

Brian was super excited when we told him he would be working with Arturo. This was our first time working with sexy Mr. Santos but not the last by a long shot. It started like any other scene, with hot kissing, deep dick sucking, and devouring each other's asses. Brian even teases Arturo's hole with his cock, just to see if he would go for it, but once Brian was bent over, the heat got turned up. Arturo showed us just why Brian was happy to work with him as he slipped his cock in Brian's wet, hungry hole and slowly started to get into a rhythm. Then it was off to pound town, drilling his costar's hole until sweat dripped down Arturo's face. But that wasn't the cue to stop. Brian got on top and rode Arturo's dick until he shot his load on his studs tatted chest. Brian then bent over and showed off the damage Arturo caused to his hole, which made Arturo shoot his load right onto Brian's ass.
Featuring:  Arturo Santos, Brian Bonds
Release Date: 01/22/2024