Buster Bouderaux and Tony Tripoli

Tony Tripoli is in the Shaft Shack, wearing his leather cap and harness and waiting to see who’s going to walk in. The goateed daddy is super horny and stroking a whopper of a cock. In fact, the elephant tattoo on his groin is quite appropriate as that thick slab of pendulous meat is supposed to the elephant’s trunk! Intrigued, yet? We sure were when we saw his pictures, which is why we’ve got him here now, playing with Buster Boudreaux, another tattooed, leather-wearing horny fucker. Almost as soon as Buster walks in, he and Tony start making out. Buster then loses little time in dropping to his knees and getting Tony’s massive trunk of a cock hard. Buster sucks cock like he’s juicing the horny daddy, milking him for pre-cum. But what Buster truly wants is Daddy’s hairy hole. As the light of day gives way to night, Buster opens up the hung Daddy’s hole, alternating between using his tongue and fingers. He then works his cock up inside Tony and the inked ginger top proceeds to pump and pound the hungry fuckhole. After blowing his load, Buster coaxes Tony with a couple of fingers up his ass, getting him to let loose with a load of his own!
Release Date: 12/16/2021