Drew Dixon and Douglas Smith

Ever see a guy and instantly knew you were going to fuck each other? The minute Drew and Douglas met at the gym, they knew they would fuck. So days later, when Douglas asked if he could stop by, it was no surprise why. Drew carried Douglas into the bedroom and placed him down on the bed, where they begin kissing and removing clothes. Douglas pulls out Drew's hard cock and puts his lips on it. Drew throws his head back as he moans while trying to gag Douglas's throat. Drew likes the attention but would rather sixty-nine, sucking and eating sweet holes. But knowing Douglas didn't come to suck dick, Drew gets him on his knees to fuck, grabbing Douglas's hips and pounding him as they moan. Drew then flips Douglas on his back, playing with his dick as he plows his hole. Douglas takes everything Drew throws at him, inch by hard inch, which turns Drew on more. They fuck all over the bed until they both shoot their huge loads. A fuck worth the wait.
Featuring:  Douglas Smith, Drew Dixon
Release Date: 05/27/2024