Drew Dixon and Mars Gymburger

When's the last time you had your hole stretched by a cock? After being introduced at a party last year, Drew finally gets some alone time with Mars. Drew brings him up to his hotel room and then begin kissing as soon as they get in the door. Drew lays Mars on the bed, and they continue to kiss while getting better acquainted. They take their time removing clothes until Drew's cock is in Mars's mouth as he plays with himself. Once fully naked, Mars get's Drew on his back and services his cock, while Drew plays with his hole. Drew wants more and turns Mars around and eats his ass while Mars continues to blow him. Soon Mars finds himself on all fours as Drew begins fucking him from behind. Mar's loves taking cock and moans more with every stroke. He then flips on his back so he can watch Drew pound his ass. Drew then sits back and lets his boy ride his dick before flipping on their side and then back on Mar's back, where Drew fully stretches Mar's hole.
Featuring:  Drew Dixon, Mars Gymburger
Release Date: 03/18/2024