Drew Dixon and Paolo Bianchi

Drew is usually the one in control, but tonight he wants to be used like a messy slut. Lucky for him, Paolo is always down to treat Drew like the hole he is. They start getting right to it, stumbling through the door while kissing and touching each other. They get naked, and Paolo makes his way down Drew's body before dropping to his knees and takes Drew's cock into his mouth. Drew loves his rod sucked but is hungry for dick. He gets on his knees and starts working Paolo's meat until Paolo puts Drew on his back and swallows his cock while playing with his hole. He gets his hand as deep as it will go, and Drew welcomes a challenge. Paolo keeps eating and teasing Drew's hole until it's time for him to stuff his boy with cock. Drew's hole opens right up, and Paolo starts pounding his ass. Drew holds his leg up to take as much as possible. They fuck all over the bed until both their sacs are drained of seed.
Featuring:  Drew Dixon, Paolo Bianchi
Release Date: 05/06/2024