Effix and Ryan Jacob

When we reached out to Effix, one of the people he was interested in fucking was Ryan Jacobs. So when he got on set, we knew it would be hot. As soon as they started kissing, Effix was ready to fuck. Ryan just needed to get Effix's cock hard enough to drive a nail, and with his mouth, that wasn't a problem. Effix likes to taste his food before he destroys it and licked on Ryan's sweet hole while Ryan sucked his meat. Then it was on. Ryan laid down on his stomach and swallowed Effix cock with his ass. Effix fucked Ryan as he moaned and begged for more. Effix then flipped Ryan on his back and continued to fill his tight hole up with dick. They keep fucking all over the bed until Ryan couldn't hold back and unloads on his belly. Effix cums on Ryan's cock and finishes inside his hole.
Featuring:  Effix, Ryan Jacob
Release Date: 02/26/2024