Ethan Chase and Jake Nobello

After massaging his stepbrother's, Ethan was due for some relaxation of his own. And just like an angel, Jake came to the rescue. Ethan laid down on the massage table and let Jake's hands do some work all over his body. His hands found their way to his shorts, which he took off, exposing Ethan's cock. Now it was time to put his mouth to work, and that's what Jake did. He sucked on that cock while Ethan did the same to his beautiful ass. Soon it was time to put that hole to better use. Jake sat down, filled his ass with dick, and let Ethan go to town on his wet hole. Ethan took advantage of the opportunity and didn't waste a moment wrecking Jake's insides. They flipped around that massage table, pushing the durability to the limits until Ethan's balls were drained out all over Jake's ass.
Featuring:  Ethan Chase, Jake Nobello
Release Date: 03/04/2024