Jeremy Feist and Alex Montenegro

Jeremy wasn't wasting any time at all getting to know Alex better. As soon as they sat on the couch, Jeremy began teasing Alex's hole through his shorts. Alex doesn't mind being tossed and turned, and Jeremy knows just what he's doing. They both stripped naked, and after some kissing, Jeremy found his mouth devouring Alex's tasty and tight hole from all sides. Alex hasn't had a man eat his hole out with such passion in a long time, and he fucking loved it. But Alex didn't want Jeremy to have all the fun and got on his knees to service Jeremy's thick cock before it slid deep into his ass. He got that cock nice and wet with his mouth. They then enjoyed a little 69 as Alex rode Jeremy's face before it was time for Jeremy to destroy his hole. And once they began fucking, there was no stopping until their nuts and energy were both drained.
Release Date: 06/10/2024