Micah Martinez and Jake Waters

We were excited to get these two on set for their first scene together. Maybe I'm making that up, but it felt like the first time. As soon as they got on set, the chemistry was strong. We could tell from Micah's dick print that he was excited to fuck Jake's round ass. And after some hot kissing, nipple play, grinding, and dick sucking, Micah spent some time giving that ass some oral attention, one of his favorite parts of sex. But Jake wasn't about to be outdone and threw his mouth on Micah's cock as soon as he got the chance, while Micah continued warming his hole up for fucking. All that ass play paid off as Micah quickly worked his dick inside Jake's hole, wrecking it, until they both shot their loads.
Featuring:  Jake Waters, Micah Martinez
Release Date: 07/01/2024