Romeo Davis and David Luca

Why do rainy days always make you so damn horny? That is what Romeo is thinking, just before he invites David over to his place to fuck around. So it was no surprise when David walks in and sees Romeo propped up on the bed, with his hard dick out, stroking it, waiting for a mouth and hole to use. David was ready to be all those things and more. As they kiss on the bed, Romeo begins hole training on his boy, which starts with them stroking his big, fat cock. Then it's time to put it in their mouth. David was more than willing to get it as far as he could before Romeo pulled his pants down and starts to eat his tight hole. It's then back to his cock for some face slaps with his dick while David's tries getting it further down his throat. It's then time to see just how ready David is. Romeo slowly enters his hot ass. The look on his face a mix of pain and pleasure, but he doesn't dare stop. Soon these two are fucking all over the bed in several positions ending with Romeo delivering a hot load all over David's ass before he comes on his belly. The perfect way to spend a rainy day.
Featuring:  David Luka, Romeo Davis
Release Date: 04/15/2024