Romeo Davis and Douglas Smith

Remember your last good vacation? Romeo is spending a little time out of the country to clear his mind and finds himself getting to know some of the locals intimately. While walking, he runs into a fan of his work, Douglas, and decides to bring him back to his place. Once the bedroom door opens, they are on each other, kissing and groping. They lay on the bed so Douglas can get the cock he has fantasized about for years into his mouth. He can hardly fit it all in but keeps trying until Romeo gets him on his knees and begins to get his hole ready with his tongue. And once it is, Romeo wastes no time slowly sliding it in Douglas's tight hole. It only takes a few minutes before he is taking it all, and Romeo is pounding his hole all over the bed. Douglas then gets back on his knees so Romeo can fuck him enough to flood his ass cheeks with his thick load. After he cums, Romeo then slips it back in to leave Douglas a few drops as a souvenir.
Featuring:  Douglas Smith, Romeo Davis
Release Date: 06/24/2024