Stuffing Phil Mehup

Whoever said two’s company but three’s a crowd, obviously never saw Claudio White, Phil Mehup and newcummer Leo having sex! Phil is a big sex hound with a HUGE appetite for cock and always ready to get fucked. Then again, Claudio isn’t far behind. The sex slave pup has been well trained in giving up his ass to any man who wants it, but also in satisfying the hungry hole of any cock pig who needs it. The men are in perpetual motion in their quest to get off. You might lose track of who’s doing what to whom in this scene with three amazingly horny hairy bareback fuckers but you’ll never lose sight of who’s in the middle, spit roasted and tag team fucked until he’s rewarded with a couple of loads of freshly churned ball juice. After all, his name isn’t Phil Mehup for nothing!
Featuring:  Claudio White, Leoparr
Release Date: 12/08/2022